The Streets of Main

Many longtime Midvale residents may remember the businesses that have occupied Main Street over the years, but few may recall how the streets got their names. While many roads around Main Street have changed course over the last 100 years, such as Holden Street, or even been renamed or eliminated, the Main Street area still has a few streets that have maintained the same course and their original name since Midvale was founded.

Holden Street which borders the Main Street area once followed a straight North to south course. Now as we know, Holden Street joins with 700 W to the north and becomes Holden Street again near Midvale City Hall. Smelter Street once ran from Main Street across Holden to the smelter offices, when the Midvale smelter was still in business. Today, Smelter Street runs from Holden to Main Street and offers visitors great access via car or foot.  A similar story is shared by Depot Street. It has been suggested that Depot Street’s terminus was once the Midvale train depot. Today, Depot street ends at Holden Street as well.


While streets may seem like minor parts of a downtown area, if you look back far enough they too can tell a story of the past.

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