Main Street Open House Tomorrow! Feb 28 5-7 pm

Don’t forget to join in on a discussion about the future of Midvale’s Main Street!

The Midvale City Redevelopment Agency will be hosting a public open house focused on Main Street. Join us:

When: Wednesday February 28, 2018

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm

Where: Midvale City Hall, Dahl Room

Who: Everyone interested in the future of our Main Street

This open house is part of a public planning process intended to produce a “small area plan” for Main Street.

A small area plan is a set of documents that address the goals for a small defined portion of a city such as a neighborhood or street corridor. These documents contain a set of detailed strategies that are chosen to respond to the specific needs of the people, places, and processes in the planning area. These needs are grouped into categories such as transportation, economic development, land use, housing, historic preservation, aesthetics, and many others. The general purpose of a small area plan is to identify and prioritize these needs and to develop practical strategies that can be implemented to guide future decisions in order to meet specific goals.


Small area plans are made through a collaborative process between stakeholders, city officials, and planning consultants. The term ‘stakeholder’ refers to the people and organizations that have an interest or investment in the area such as local residents, business owners, institutions, and property owners. This community of stakeholders comes together to discuss their needs and goals with city officials and planning consultants. Then those city officials and planning consultants configure the community needs and goals within the legal, economic, physical, and political framework of the planning area to produce the Small Area Plan, a set of documents that outline when and how the needs and goals will be addressed.


Midvale’s Main Street needs a small area plan because the area is changing and the city wants to make sure that those changes are positive for the neighborhood and address the needs and goals of the community. Many of the changes affecting the Main Street area are a result of the large adjacent Bingham Junction development which has brought substantial numbers of new residents and businesses to the city. There are also many opportunities for improving Main Street such as empty buildings and vacant lots which are available for new businesses and buildings that can reinvigorate the area. There is already momentum for positive change along Main Street with the addition of seven new buildings since 2001, including the new city hall complex, senior center, and business offices. The Main Street area can benefit from a small area plan that helps to guide and sustain this momentum in a way that addresses recent changes and community goals.

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