Memories and a Vison- Mayor Hale

Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor Robert Hale to discuss his vision for Main Street. Hale, who was raised in Murray and has lived in Midvale since 1969. He’s seen Main Street in its many phases over the last (almost) 50 years. As a child, Hale recalls using Main Street as a bicycle route to the County Library (old City Hall on Center Street). As he grew up Hale frequented JCPenney, the drug store, and theater on Main Street.

Hale recognizes that places like Midvale’s Main Street evolve over time, depending on market trends and the ever-changing retail landscape. That, however, doesn’t change Hale’s view that Main Street is also a place that should be preserved and cherished. To use an analogy Hale asks, “Why are people enthralled at an antique car show? The cars recreate memories we had. We are amazed at neat maintenance and re-beautification of a vehicle that was probably well worn several owners ago. Main Street can be beautified and restored to take its place once again in the cascade of Midvale history.”

Mayor Hale envisions a bright future for Main Street. He wants to encourage redevelopment while maintaining the historic character. Hale would like to see new businesses cut ribbons where there are vacancies now, and at the same time foster all businesses that currently serve clientele Main Street. Hale says that improving parking, access and safety will help make this vision a reality.