Midvale Main Street Open House 28 Feb 2018

On February 28, 2018 the Redevelopment Agency of Midvale City hosted a public open house focused on Main Street.  The purpose of the open house was to gather public input about the Main Street area as part of the public planning process for the production of a “small area plan”.  Together with surveys and stakeholder engagement, the open house was used to identify the specific needs of the community, including the residents and business owners located in the Main Street area.  Once identified, these needs will be prioritized and used for the development of practical strategies  that will guide the implementation of future improvements.


The open house was a great success, with approximately 90 attendees.  The attendees came from throughout Midvale, with all neighborhoods being represented.  Visitors to the open house were asked to participate in two activities: a funding activity and an activation calendar.

The activation calendar asked: “WHAT TYPES OF BUSINESSES AND ACTIVITIES DO YOU WANT ON MAIN STREET?” and “WHEN WOULD YOU COME TO MAIN STREET FOR THESE BUSINESSES AND ACTIVITIES?”.  Many desired activities were identified, from Monday to Sunday, morning to evening.   Some of the most common activities and businesses included “coffee shop, restaurant, bookstore, bakery, bar, and theater”.

For the funding activity, participants were given four “$100 bills” to “spend” on possible improvements to Main Street.  In this way, the participants could fund the project types that they felt are the most important, with the idea of prioritizing some possibilities over others.  Façade improvements received the most funding from participants, with infill development, public space, streetscape improvements and connectivity all close behind.

Together with the results from the online survey, the information gathered from the open house was presented to the City Council in March. A second open house is planned for April, and a draft plan and strategy will be prepared in May.