Midvale’s Redevelopment Agency & A New Focus on Main Street

The Midvale Redevelopment Agency is a department within Midvale City that focuses on neighborhood revitalization.  Through the Agency, the City is able to fund neighborhood improvements and incentivize private investment in specifically designated parts of Midvale.  Currently these designated areas include the Jordan Bluff’s Project Area and the highly successful Bingham Junction Project Area. In[…]

Why Historic Preservation on Midvale Main Street?

There are currently more than 50 buildings along Midvale’s Main Street, on the blocks north of Center Street. Most of these buildings are quite old,with 73% of them built before World War 2 and the oldest built in 1901. There was a lull in construction on Main Street during the 45 years between 1955 and 2000 with only one building remaining from[…]

Main Street Theatre

2018 marks the Main Street Theatre’s ten-year anniversary. Before the theater was purchased by Tammy Ross in 2008, it had most recently featured a series of comedy clubs and improv groups. Ross and her family purchased the theater due to the historic character of the theater, and the potential she saw in the Main Street[…]